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What parents say about us

"My son has been to KTS for the last couple of years and it’s the only after school program he does not want to leave at pick up. They learn scientific theories through films they write and act in! Run by two lovely moms/scientists through a structured program that is fun and thoughtfully prepared. We will be back next year for sure!"

Jenna, parent of a ten-year-old boy 

"My son truly loves this science club. He refuses to miss any event or lessons from KTS. He loves the way the teachers treat him with respect and with positive reinforcement. He has learned so much and he feels at home at KTS. It has been a great experience."

Marilyn, parent of a ten-year-old boy

"No other program has come close to giving my daughter the pure joy and pride in her work that she experiences because of Kids Talk Science. When we signed up she said she hated science and got the lowest grades in that subject. She wanted to try KTS because of its element of acting/performance. That was the hook, and now she has grown to love science. Her grades are up and she wants to be a geneticist. More than her current interest in science is her happiness which stems from the environment Graciela and Meredith provide. They are truly motivated to share the wonders of science with kids. With a home as the teaching grounds, the act of dropping my daughter off at Graciela's doorstep reminds me of when communities worked together more, before everything became so commodified and sterile. So, after 2 years of enrollment, I can say YES, I highly recommend KTS!!!"

Christine, parent of a nine-year-old girl

"The day of the movie screening, before going to bed, my son said, “Today was the best day of my life!”  He was so thrilled to see himself on the big screen! Thank you for inspiring him and giving him a new passion—acting! Chase enjoyed the experiments each week, especially the heat-sensory treasure hunt and the science behind candy activity. After watching the video and seeing the kids together you could see the class was non-stop fun!"

Jyoti, parent of a nine-year-old boy

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