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Science of Magic

Rube Goldberg's self operating napkin

Ridiculously Convoluted Contraptions at Kids Talk Science!
Why would you make something simple when you can make it really complicated? Because you want to have fun!
This summer we'll be building Rube Goldberg machines, absurd gadgets that perform simple tasks in convoluted ways. After exploring the physics of simple machines and the principles of energy transfer, the kids will launch their engineering project. Using common objects, they will design, build and test their machines before presenting them to their parents.
O When does it run?  

Our summer camp will run everyday, from Monday, August 27th to Friday, August 31st, from 10am to 3pm. Need extended hours? Contact us!


O Who is it for?

This camp welcomes kids 7 to 10 years old who love science. No prior knowledge on science or magic is required. We are a small camp, only 12 kids! Register early to reserve your spot.


O What do we provide?

We provide some healthy snacks and all the necessary materials. Please pack lunch and some extra snacks. 


O Who teaches this camp?

This camp will be taught by Kids Talk Science's teachers Meredith Barish and Graciela Flores. Learn more about them here. 

O How much does it cost?

The cost is $550 for the week. Bring a friend and you will both get a 10% discount. 


O Where does it take place?

We teach in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1.5 blocks from Bedford station on the L train. We have a large, air conditioned space with a backyard. Contact us for the exact address.


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