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The Wonderful Tree of Life

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

How to explore the huge diversity of life on Earth and not get lost? We have a solution! Welcome to the tree of life!

In the next few weeks, we'll be walking along different branches, exploring the weird and wonderful creatures that evolved in the ocean, moved to land, took to the air, went back into the water, and even those that started to fly! Will we find some life in outer space too?

The first organisms on land

Today we met the first organisms to ever set "foot" onto land (well, after bacteria and fungi)... They were plants!

Meet the humble moss, one of the first land plants! We explored the challenges that land presented to the adventurous creatures that left the cozy waters.

And from those simple plants, other evolved. We learned about family trees today, specifically about the plant tree.

This is it:

After examining moss and other more complex plants that followed, we explored transport in more evolved plants.


And then we gave plants a home, aka a terrarium. Here are some of the botanists at work.

Younger botanist worked a lot too, on the Wednesday class!

And ate a lot, too!

Going back to moss, don't miss this fun video ( this is NOT how moss moved onto land!)

See you all next week.

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