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The Fall animations are out!

We had a screening for kids and their families on January 3rd and it was a success!

The first two movies we showed were exercises for the kids to learn animation techniques and to develop a storyline and they had complete freedom to create a story and explain any topic of their choice. The result was Dynamite! and The Black Plague.

Dynamite was made by one of the two groups and is a very funny story about how evil microbes become resistant to antibiotics and what happens when a stronger medicine attacks again.


The other group also made an animation about antibiotic resistance, but from a different angle. In this darker story, but not without some funny twists, a train gets stuck in the snow and the passengers have to spend the night in a town taken by the Black Plague.

The Black Plague

And then came The Amazing World of Microbes, our final group movie. Here, the kids had to explain a topic chosen by the teachers and make it accessible to all. The idea was to show how microbes are mostly perceived as something negative while science is increasingly proving that they are not only good for us but necessary for our wellbeing.

The amazing World of Microbes

We are starting our Winter season on January 10th. Stay tuned!

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