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New session! Rocks rock!

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Kids talk Science is starting a new session! And it's all about rocks!

We'll talk about the history of our planet, about the Earth's interior and the crust, and how that crust is divided into plates, and how those "tectonic" plates glide over the Earth's mantle with amazing effects!

But how do we know what's under the surface of the Earth? Geologists sometimes drill out cylindrical samples to learn just that. The technique is called coring. Have you ever tried coring a cupcake? KTS kids have!

Meredith brought some pretty amazing cupcakes she baked at home. Each hides a secret pattern of layers of "sediments", just like the Earth surface does. The kids' job was to guess what the layers look like before opening (and devouring) the cupcakes.

Will Kids Talk Science geologists be able to discover what's inside?

Well, they did!

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