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Pancake pranks

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

Hello everybody,

Today at KTS, we decided to celebrate pancake day ... by making lots of pancakes. Yes, we made it up, and it was great!

Except that as we were finishing discussing the purpose of each ingredient (eggs, flour, milk and a raising agent) in the batter, we got news... bad news! One of those naughty kids from the Science Alliance had played another prank, this time on us!

Here's what happened.

We had left all the ingredients for the batter on the kitchen counter and when we went back to the kitchen we found that someone had already mixed the ingredients! We also found a note for Kids Talk Science saying that one of the Science Alliance kids had made a batter that was not quite what it was supposed to be... And they challenged us to figure out what ingredient was left out or added!

What to do?

The kids reasoned that if they made a pancake using KTS batter and compared it to one made with the Science Alliance's batter, they could perhaps figure out what ingredient those kids had left out, or had added. And that's what they did.

While we were making the batter, the kids also experimented with weak acids to learn about the chemical reactions that happen when baking powder (a very important ingredient) gets in contact with a liquid (milk).

As the pancakes were cooking, the kids noticed a big difference between the Science Alliance' and ours, one that gave the trick away! We are not going to tell you what those kids did!

As it turns out, both pancakes were delicious. Was it perhaps because we filled them with dulce de leche from my native Argentina? Yum.

And now, KTS food detectives.

What was the difference between the two types of pancakes?

A) Ours were thicker

B) Ours were thinner

C) Ours bubbled

D) Ours burned

What caused that difference?

The Science Alliance pancakes were missing the

A) Milk

B) Eggs

C) Baking powder

D) Flour

Stay tuned for more!

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