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Mighty Fossils

And the day came. We'll be looking at fossils and getting ready for Kids Talk Science's first ever fossil hunting expedition! A fossil expert from the Museum of Natural History will be our guide and we'll take us on a walk on the bottom of the ocean, looking at remnants of life dating back to 75 million years ago! Aren't we lucky?!

Fossils are the remains, or, don't miss the fine print, evidence, of ancient plants and animals, or other forms of life. We've been looking at footprints and other types of evidence that a certain beastie was there.

We also studied various fossils the kids brought and watched a few cool videos.

Something that seems to have disgusted everyone, but later fascinated those same members of the audience.... are the coprolites!

Never heard of them? Check them out!

Ideas for our presentations are floating in the air!

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