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Living things change over time!

This week, KTS detectives dug into fossils, literally! And what did they find?

Their first clue: Animals (and all other organisms) haven't stayed the same over the years (and we are talking about millions of years!! They have changed!

Darwin made that important observation and so did KTS evolution detectives!

Using their excellent paleontological tools, KTS kids searched for mystery bones in the backyard.

They exposed a “fossil” skeleton buried beneath the dirt and gleaned information from the placement and depth of the bones they found. Without flesh or skin to give them a hint, it was not easy to tell what animal it was. Until they figured out that those long bones were fingers and that they were part of a wing!

Yes, a bat! Just like you, bats have five fingers. They just have them in their wings! (Upside down wings in this picture!)

And then came the cake. No, there won't be homemade treats every class. Just the first two classes.

When the kids cored and then excavated the cake, they found multiple layers that were formed over time. Which one is the oldest?

They also found some curious looking bones, which they sorted by layer. And then they proceeded to eat the “dirt”!

The bones they uncovered are a pretty cool example of limb evolution. Parents will get to see them in their kids' folders.

Did you know the ancestor of all living horses lived 55 million years ago and was no bigger than a small dog? Yes! Horses not always looked like today's horses!

This is what paleontologists think the horse and its ancestors looked like! I love Mesohippus with its long toes! I actually loved them all.

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