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KTS art forgery detectives in action: finding the forgery!

And the day has come! Today, KTS detectives received THE ENVELOPE. In it they found a report detailing what happened on that fateful Monday morning at the Splendid Museum of Art in New York city.

They read how the precious “Still life with meadow flowers and roses,” painted by Vincent van Gogh and recently acquired by the museum, disappeared, only to reappear an hour later in a locked closet, next to the ladies room, together with an almost identical painting!

KTS detectives worked hard, going through the evidence, analyzing the clues, leaving no stone unturned!

Many questions linger: Are both "van Goghs' forgeries? Or is one authentic? Which one?

Photographs, X-ray images, infrared images, UV markings, paint samples from the paintings and a letter from Vincent to Theo might help the recently graduated detectives determine the authenticity of the paintings. Or not....

Next class, the detectives will go through a second envelope full of information about the suspects, their stories, their potential motives, their alibis and, perhaps, their secrets.

Stay tuned!

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