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Kids Talk Science is back! Our Fall session starts in September. Join us!

Have you ever wondered what is DNA and how it can help solve a crime? For an answer, watch "To Catch a Crook--with DNA," created by Kids Talk Science's talented actors and budding filmmakers.

Here's "To Catch a Crook--with DNA" trailer:

Or watch the full movie:

And what about dinosaurs? Do you know why they disappeared? You can find out by watching "Dinosaur Doomsday," created by PS 84's science reporters in 2015. Yes, before Kids Talk Science, there was PS 84 Science Reporter's Club! We had very little time and resources and yet the amazing team of eight reporters produced a super fun piece.

Watch it here:

These are just two examples of the things you can do at Kids Talk Science. Join us this coming September. For more information visit the Program or just Register now!

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