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Kids Talk Science Detective Academy!

Kids Talk Science Winter session has just started and it's looking good! This session, our fantastic new team of students will be science detectives in training!

Starting right after they finish their snacks...

In the next few weeks, they will learn and practice different forensic techniques to solve a puzzling crime: the theft of a blood sample from a 40,000 year old mammoth found in the Russian permafrost.

It's not going to be easy. There are many suspects and they all have motives. But we are sure KTS' team of detectives will be able to figure out who did it, and get the sample back to the lab before it defrosts.

To understand what's going on in the minds of the suspects, the kids will have to learn about what these scientists do and why they do it. That means understanding the biology of DNA and of "de-extinction!, the science of bringing back a species that died out. Yes, they are trying to bring the extinct mammoth back.

Among other things, we watched some of Jurassic Park, a movie where the idea of de-extinction first appeared. Here you go, if you want to have a peak:

Jurassic Park: Mr. DNA sequence

But if all that work sounds like a handful, listen to this. While analyzing clues and drawing conclusions from evidence found in the crime scene, the detectives will be documenting their investigation in some sort of film. Not sure what format it will have yet, but everybody is excited.

Stay tuned for more!

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