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Hair and footprints have a lot to tell

While we wait for the police report, we are training KTS detectives to recognize clues and analyze evidence. We don't know yet what was found at the lab from which Buttercup's blood sample was stolen so we have to be prepared.

We talked a lot about clues, and watched a cool movie about kids detectives.

Getting ready for the movie!

And then we started our training. This class was about HAIR!

Did you know that hair has scales on its surface, and that you can tell what kind of animal a hair belongs to just by looking at it under a microscope? Well, we did just that. We looked at cat, dog, and human hair under three different types of microscope and it was pretty cool.


We also used regular magnifying glasses and noticed a few features of hair that could help us tie somebody to a crime scene, or rule him or her out: color, texture, length, thickness ... nothing escapes these great observers.

Then we moved on to study footprints, another important piece of evidence. To learn about possible clues found in footprints--brand, size, length, tread, individual marks, we made our own.

Hope you detectives remember all this information! You'll need it to solve the crime.

See you in a week!

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