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First season! Kids Talk Science has started!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Today it was Kids Talk Science first get-together. This season, we happen to be an all-girls team. Fun!

Because class starts at 3:30 and our walk from school is faster than expected, the girls will have plenty of time to talk, snack and have fun. Like this:

Our first class was a little feast of images and sounds. We listened to various podcasts, ranging from Aaron's world (a show by a super-cute 8-year-old) to grown-up Radiolab). We also watched some science videos made by very talented kids. At some point I worried that the girls were too comfortable lying on the rug, watching videos on the big screen. Would they fall asleep? No way. These girls are the best.

Finally, we talked about storytelling in its many forms.

Our science story will be about DNA. That's all we know for now.

Stay tuned!

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