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New session! Fall is About Food!

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Hello children and parents! Welcome to Kids Talk Science fall 2018!

This season, KTS will be all about FOOD--the food we eat and the food we wouldn't touch for all the money in the world! (Think crispy tarantulas, tuna eyeballs, corn fungus or maggot cheese. No, we will not be eating those but we might try a couple of insects, perhaps. And those eyes in the pic below, by the way, are totally fake!)

Crispy tarantulas "Tuna eyes" Corn fungus Maggot cheese

We are also going to talk about what happens to the food after it goes into our mouth and starts its journey to the... other end.

And about our brain and how it understands smell, taste and texture. We'll discuss how we can trick the brain into believing we are eating a delicious treat when we are actually eating something completely fake! (Yes, we will be doing that, soon.)

Parents: Please subscribe to this blog (subscription box on top right, main blog page) to get a glimpse of what your kids are doing here at Kids Talk Science. Once you do, you'll get an email with our (being optimistic) weekly update. This will be a delicious and at times yucky journey.

Kids: In this blog, you'll see yourselves being both clever and goofy. You'll also find puzzles and riddles that you can solve to earn a prize. To find them, look for unusual things... like this guy. Stay tuned!

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