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Detectives at work!

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

The day has come! The police report arrived and it has very juicy information.

Fingerprints! Footprints! Hair! And a mysterious envelope written in black ink with a strange message inside! We are waiting for the DNA results, which are on their way, but we have much work to do.

We have quite a gallery of suspects. See for yourselves! Who dunnit?

The pilot, Mr. Emil Wright? He doesn't seem to have a motive but his hair was found in the lobby of the institute. He says he didn't go back to the lab. Is he lying! Why?

Or was it the genetic engineer, Dr. Dina Gennetica? She says she didn't return to the lab that night but the police found her fingerprint inside the lab! Another liar? She has been very outspoken against the idea of de-extinction yet she says she is innocent. Is she?

There's also her sister, the conservation biologist, Dr. Ecco Gennetica. She is all for bringing the mammoth back to life, building an Ice Age theme park, and using the revenues to save endangered species. She acknowledges going back to the institute that night and it's not at all clear why. But she says she didn't do it. Is she telling the truth?

And what about the reproductive biologist, Dr. Ritchie Bank? He is not a good guy. He already tried to sell the mammoth blood and an anonymous letter implicates him. But he has an alibi!

What a mess of evidence!

Our detectives are hard at work. Next class they'll solve the mystery. Or will they?

Stay tuned!

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