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Darwin didn't know this

After years of observing, experimenting, and thinking, Charles Darwin realized that species change over time. Most importantly, he figured out how!

In his famous book The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, Darwin explains and shows how natural forces can shape entire populations, selecting new varieties and eventually, leading to completely new species.

That was a tremendous feat, especially considering that, back in the 1800s, nobody knew where the genetic information was stored, and how that information was passed from one generation to the next.

Today we know that the genetic information is in our DNA and that when animals (or any other living organisms) reproduce, they pass their DNA to their offspring.

And where is DNA? It's in each of our cells, deep in the nucleus.

Check this cool (and a bit blurred) 1970's video and you'll find out!

Today we talked about DNA, a topic that would have fascinated Darwin! Because after all the knowledge we gained in the last 200 years, no experiment has contradicted his theory of evolution through natural selection. Actually, all the research has confirmed it is right!

And in the light of their new knowledge on genetics, the kids told their first evolution stories.

Are they ready to tell these stories in a film?

Stay tuned!

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