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Chemical detectives

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Hi again. Did I ever tell you about the Science Alliance? It's a group of smart, nerdy kids who love science but love to play pranks on each other even more. They are Alexia, Piper, Tammy, Aru and Tomtom,

During a weekend in September, while most kids were relaxing or doing sports, one of the members of the Science Alliance was hard at work, planning a prank on a friend, and that friend was Tammy!

The prankster took a robot Tammy had just finished building and hid it. To make her work, he or she left a clue behind: a little bit of food in the robot's box.

Tammy immediately knew that the food was a clue; surely it was part of the prankster's lunch! If she could only figure out what was in that little mush left in the box and compare it to her friends' food, she could find the prankster and get her robot back.

Luckily, Tammy is a good chemist, so she did just that. Using chemical reactions, she figured what food was in the box, found the lunch matched that food and got the prankster! She earned a few points for that!

Then, it was Kids Talk Science team's turn to play chemical detectives. Here they are.

Budding chemists at work

The kids learned to use three different chemical tests to identify proteins, fats and carbs in food. In the following class, they used those tests to find whodunit.

Hey! Budding chemists need to relax too!

And now, KTS students, for the chance to be Meredith's assistant for one class and prepare a little crazy activity, answer question 1 below and, if you like, answer question 2 as well!

Question 1: Which of these foods would test positive for carbs?

A) Egg

B) Tortilla

C) Tomato

Question 2: What food would you like to cook (and understand its science)? We have only a few cooking classes before we start to work on our stories!

Leave your answers in the comments and don't forget to tell us who you are.

Stay tuned!

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