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Bubble gum for sleuths

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

The kids did it! They discovered who stole Tammy's robot to play a prank on her!

Using some tests they had learned the class before, KTS chemical detectives compared the Science Alliance kids' lunches with a sample from the food left by the prankster in the robot box. Then they compared the results and found a match, and the prankster. (I'm not telling you who he/she was and you'll soon know why.)

And all was done with just a few test tubes, a handful chemicals, an chart to organize the results and, of course, the kids' impressive powers of deduction.

The budding detectives also found time to spend in the kitchen. They made bubble gum!

They started with some gum base...

Added some powdered sugar and flavoring...

And voila!

Then, everybody chewed (a little) gum...

and it was good!

And now, KTS sleuths, answer the two questions down below for a chance to be KTS photographer for one class. (Yes, you can take any kind of photos you want, and I hope I'm not making a BIG mistake). If you don't care to be the photographer... answer them anyway!

Write your answer in the comments box below and don't forget to tell us who you are.

Who pranked Tammy?

It was ...

A) Tom

B) Aru

C) Alexia

D) Piper

What was in the prankster's food AND in the clue?

A) Carbs

B) Proteins

C) Fats

D) All of the above

Stay tuned for more!

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