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Baked ice cream?

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Today we asked the kids put their hands in ice-cold water. And they did! Not only that, they competed to see who could have their hand in the frigid water for longer.

Some endured the cold pain for a surprisingly number of seconds.

And others just wore "blubber gloves!"

Like sea lions in the Antarctic, they could barely feel any cold.

This sea lion does not look cold

What does this have to do with food, you might ask?

A lot, because to bake a cake that has an ice cream core, like we did, you need a good insulator that doesn't let the heat of the oven get to the cake core. And that insulator we chose was... meringue! Ice cream and meringue = Baked Alaska!

Here's our Baked Alaska in the oven.

Here's it is out of the oven. A perfectly baked Baked Alaska!

And here's what was in its heart!

Stay tuned. There's more coming up next week!

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