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New session! An art forgery mystery!

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Kids Talk Science detectives are back to investigate a case that's shaking the art world! Remember them? The solved the mystery of the stolen mammoth blood. You can see it in the widely acclaimed motion picture The Blood Vanishes.

What now? Well, a week ago, an important painting stored at a renowned museum in New York disappeared for a few minutes, only to appear again in the security guards' room! When the director of the museum saw it, he said that the painting found is a forgery! Did someone replace the original with a forgery? Or was it bought as an original when it was not?

This is the painting. We can't say much more...

We can't give you more details since there's a police investigation underway, but we can tell you that KTS detectives are learning the secrets of art forgery investigation very fast and that they are determined to find out if the painting in question is authentic or a forgery and what exactly happened last week.

For now, the kids are developing their powers of observation and getting ready for the most complex techniques... when they are not eating their snacks...

Stay tuned!

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