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Three teams, three outstanding ideas!

Today the budding geologists turned into budding science writers. They decided what science story they want to tell and how they are going to tell it, and they started working. We now have three very cool, very different projects underway.

The board game/Jeopardy team

This team is creating a game that will test our (and your!) geological knowledge. For now it seems to involve flash cards, cookies and a jeopardy contest! I'll say no more.

The Minecraft team

The Minecraft team is going to go back in time to when the first human ancestors were discovered, and will have a trio of archaeologists dig out, lose, and recover an outstanding fossil skeleton. (And it's mostly a true story!)

The slideshow team

This team is concocting a super fun slideshow that will tell us about a very special kind of fossil. Yuck!

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