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Kids Talk Science is growing!

Kids Talk Science welcomes Meredith Barish to the team! Meredith is an experienced science educator with a focus on hands-on, inquiry based teaching methods. She has a lot of experience, particularly teaching at the New York Hall of Science. It's so fun to discuss science and teaching with her! I hope that our students will have as much fun learning and "talking science" as we do.

If you join us this Fall, we'll choose a topic, learn it inside out through videos, experiments, models, and discussions. Then, we'll decide how to explain it so that anybody can understand it. You might end up writing a journalistic article, or a song, or a script for a movie. Moreover, you might get to sing, act, direct, and who knows what else.

We have great plans for this Fall and endless topics to explore: Have you ever wondered what bacteria live in your gut? How evolution works? What is causing our planet to warm? How memories are formed? Whether plants talk to each other? What about the people behind the great scientific discoveries, the big science debates, past and present? Bring your own ideas or pick between the millions we have!

For more information visit the Program or just Register now!

And to learn more about Meredith and Graciela, go to About Us!

Some pics from last semester. We did a lot, and laughed a lot too!

Building a model of a DNA molecule

Assembling a DNA molecule

Extracting DNA from our cheek cells

All chromosomes in place

Writing the script for "To Catch a Crook"

Resting between scenes

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