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Gooey, yucky, banana DNA

Updated: Nov 15, 2018

Today, a banana generously donated cells so we could extract its DNA. How?

Well, first we peeled the banana, then we cut the banana, next we added detergent to break the cell membranes and release the DNA.

We had to keep the DNA warm. Here's the temperature keeper, thermometer in hand.

Then, we filtered the DNA and transferred it to a test tube.

Finally, we precipitated the DNA with alcohol. If it sounds rather complicated, it is not.

DNA is a gooey, whitish, stringy stuff that floats in the alcohol layer. ​

But ... what is DNA again? We talked a bit about DNA's job in the cells and what it's made of.

Next time we'll look at our own DNA and perhaps build a DNA molecule to understand its structure.​

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